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Class schedule and Monthly rates for
Town of Newburgh Recreation Center


        5:45-6:45 Beginner-Purple (6yrs and up)
        6:30-7:30 Advanced Class
        5:00-6:30 All (6 yrs and up)
        5:45-6:45 Beginner & White (6yrs and up)
        6:30-8:00 Yellow & Up
Saturday (starting in May)
        4:30-6:00 Beginner & Up (6yrs and up)
$45 per month-One class per week                   -2nd family member $35
$55 per month-two classes per week                 -2nd family member $40     
$65 per month-unlimited classes per week         -2nd family member $50
$10 Per Month Discount for Additional Family Members
$105 per month-unlimited classes for the whole family
New Students - FREE Trial Class, Call for an Appointment

Class schedule for
Fishkill Town Recreation Center

        6:00-7:00 Beginner and up

  • Poughkeepsie Middle School Directions: Cross the Mid Hudson Bridge into Poughkeepsie. Proceed to the 10th Light (Worrell rd) make Right. Go through one light Middle School is 100 yards through light on the Right.
  • New student free trial lessons available
  • Class Cancelations Due to bad weather call 562-6700 one hour before scheduled class. If message does not indicate cancellation the class will resume as scheduled.

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